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TrafficBot generates over
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Sarah Livingston, London

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My passive TrafficBot
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Jeff Graham, Amsterdam

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Money We deliver high quality traffic to meet all your needs. If you are after big numbers, we can deliver millions of visits per month. Need conversions? We can guarantee real, 100% human visitors sent to your website.
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* This is a custom project which uses various sizes of Traffic Packages combined.


1,587 Advertisers, 17,737 Members. Growing fast.

Our community is growing exponentially, with estimated number of members to reach 100,000 by the end of this year. Join early and receive free shares just for signing up.

Total ad interactions: 16,882,916

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Economy Traffic / From $9.9 per month

If you are looking for cheap, bulk trafic source, our Economy Packages are the perfect solution for you. All traffic is accepted by Google Analytics, Piwik, Kissmetrics, Clicky, Gauges, Woopra, and other popular visitor tracking systems. This kind of traffic is also known as Alexa or Adult Traffic.
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If you are looking for highest quality traffic and real visitors who engage with your website, Premium Packages are the way to go. We guarantee minimum 30 seconds viewing time per visit and industry-leading conversion rates.
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Multiply your monthly passive income by becoming official TrafficBot reseller. You will earn from 20% to 30% commission fee for each purchase made by your referred users. All stats are available in the Reseller Dashboard, which makes tracking your earnings an easy and pleasant task.

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You can have unlimited number of packages of different sizes linked to your account.
* It is possible to purchase several packages and point them to the same URLs (10 x Large will give you est. 6 Million visits per month).

$9.9 per month

  • max. Active Threads* 10
  • est. monthly visits 60k
  • Navigation Funnels
  • Custom Browser String
  • Google Analytics Safe
  • Alexa Ranking Boost

$19 per month

  • max. Active Threads* 25
  • est. monthly visits 150k
  • Navigation Funnels
  • Custom Browser String
  • Google Analytics Safe
  • Alexa Ranking Boost

$29 per month

  • max. Active Threads* 50
  • est. monthly visits 300k
  • Navigation Funnels
  • Custom Browser String
  • Google Analytics Safe
  • Alexa Ranking Boost

$59 per month

  • max. Active Threads* 100
  • est. monthly visits 600k
  • Navigation Funnels
  • Custom Browser String
  • Google Analytics Safe
  • Alexa Ranking Boost

* An Active Thread is a single process (or program) launched on our servers which acts as a fully functional web browser operated by a real person. The browser supports JavaScript and cookies.

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